Integrated Creative Marketing

Brand Questionnaire: Know Your Business

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Complete the For The Win Brand Questionnaire to get your free business brand consultation.
If your business has more than one owner you can complete the form separately but it is preferred to be done together as you will need to be on the same page about your brand, your business and most importantly your customers.

Customer Personas: Know Your Customer

Identify your customers by reviewing already available data and creating your own custom brand personas.



All cities have demographic reports about the people who live in their communities. This report is the 2019 City of Arvada Demographic Supplement.

Local economic development offices also have a wealth of data to help a business owner.

Arvada Economic Development Association

Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation

For The Win Communications created 4 baseline personas of City of Arvada residents
Learn more about why and how to create customer personas
in this article

Arvada - Personas-2020.pdf

Customers: Past, Current and Future

Customer Databases

Past and Current

From your point-of-sale system, to your customer invoices, if you have sold anything to a customer you have already collected their direct contact information- this is your goldmine- do not share.

Every Door Direct Mail Map

Past, Current and Prospective Customers

Use the EDDM Online Tool to map ZIP Code(s)and neighborhoods—even filter by age, income, or household size using U.S. Census data to get a view of where your current/future customers live.

Social Media Pages

Past, Current and Prospective Customers

Your social media profile pages are constantly collecting data and information about the people who visit your page and their patterns of engagement each time they react to organic postings or paid marketing.

Your Brand Foundation: Built for Marketing Success

Case Study: Salon Roya
Salon Roya is a zero-waste salon located in Arvada, Colorado. The owners completed a brand questionnaire and had a power session to discuss the brand identity, competition and customers. Out of that work a mood board was created to visually capture both the look and feel of the brand as well as to develop the brand logo, icons, typography and keywords to create print or digital media that is also integrated in the social media content strategy.

Moodboard Example-Salon Roya.pdf

Brand Identity in Print and Digital Use
Using the brand logos, fonts and colors consistently across all forms of print and digital media platforms and marketing efforts insures Salon Roya is developing high quality brand awareness. The brand standards are showcased on the Salon Roya website and put on staff t-shirts, gift cards, customer thank you notes, e-mail campaigns and more.

Salon Roya successfully uses a social media content strategy that completes a comprehensive brand identity both online and offline that resonates with current and future clients.

Staff T's

EMail Promo

Instagram Page

Integrated Creative Marketing: A DIY Checklist

Integrated Creative Marketing: A DIY Checklist
Once you have established your brand identity and completed research on your customers you will have the basic information on hand to create and deploy any form of digital or print marketing.

The Customer is #1

Takin the time to identify your customers is critical. Any piece of marketing that you intend to utilize is designed to get your customer's attention. Design and deploy every piece of marketing that you pay for with your customers as your #1 priority.

Style Matters

A logo is not a brand. Make sure the brand you are building is positioned to be attractive to the customer. Make the investment to have art files and variations of your logo and commit to complimentary fonts/typography and stick to your choices in style and look in all forms of print and digital media.

Get Your Assets in Gear

With your brand mood board, logos, and fonts already in hand, collect and organize all your additional assets such as photos, videos and written copy for your marketing piece. Having all or most of your materials collected and organized in advance will save you time and money.

Tips for Small Business Marketing

  1. Build for mobile- always! Always assume whatever marketing you are making will be viewed on a mobile device.

  2. Make your business website the home base showcase of your brand and your business. Information should be easy to find in less than three clicks .

  3. Update your Google My Business listing to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and update the profile periodically, especially with pictures.

  4. Do NOT use other people's photos, videos, words in any of your marketing efforts- create your own material. Hire a photographer or videographer to help you produce high quality images that you can use in multiple ways.

  5. Posting to social media is not a marketing plan. A marketing campaign deploys at least three different tactics with the same message. Plan your work and work your plan and if you need help- ask for it.

  6. Hire other amazing creatives such as graphic designers to implement your brand standards in your chosen marketing medium. You don't have to go-it alone and neither do we. View For The Win's Creative Partners list.

  7. Time is money. If you are finding yourself spending too much, or perhaps not enough time, planning a marketing strategy- see Rule #6.

  8. Enjoy what you are doing and you'll never work a day in your life.